Healthcare and Golf

Imagine a fusion of healthcare and golf resulting in a therapeutic strategy that transforms lives, enriches communities, and bolsters business revenues. That’s exactly what Health Recovery Through Golf Therapy does. This innovative initiative also promotes the growth of golf while ensuring inclusivity for those with chronic illnesses and special needs. We also shed light on this concept and introduce “Golf Care,” an initiative to train teachers in offering tailored golf therapy programs.

  • Educates audiences on how and why Health Recovery Through Golf Therapy impacts communities
  • Elevates the reality and need to serve those with chronic illnesses and special needs for inclusion, patient care, growth of the game and to increase business bottom line
  • Teaches the Teachers “Golf Care” for customized golf therapy programs of quality and service

Inspirational Speaker

Mindy’s riveting journey is a testament to resilience and purpose, rooted in her father’s illness and passion for golf. It birthed an innovative golf therapy program, the first to be housed within a Healthcare Neuroscience Center, touching thousands. Despite grappling with Multiple Sclerosis, Mindy inspires her audiences with a lived example of hope and purposeful living.

  • Shares her inspirational journey through storytelling that began with her father, Guy. His illness and love of golf, propelled her founding of a unique therapeutic golf program, known to many, thrives today
  • Presents life experiences around the building of a distinctive golf program, impacted thousands, and first ever golf therapy program to reside within a Healthcare Neuroscience Center
  • Summons her audiences to live a life of purpose and to help others. Her passion speaks and inspires
  • Mindy walks the talk in her living with MS and the many ups and downs of life, and hope for a new day


The strength of nonprofits lies in their strategic foresight and planning. This brief article explores the “Begin with the End in Mind” strategy, delves into philanthropic strategies for drawing in supporters, and discusses succession planning as a crucial component for maintaining a nonprofit’s long-term impact.

  • Recommends “Begin with the End in mind” strategy for mission and vision development, big picture thinking, and emphasis on community welfare and longevity
  • Renders philanthropic strategies to attract investors/donors for the sustainment of mission
  • Provides strategic succession planning for perpetuity of missions for organizations and impact
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